The World Youth Movement for Democracy Secretariat is based at the Youth Initiative for Human Rights offices in Belgrade, Serbia. As a youth wing of the World Movement for Democracy, the World Youth Movement for Democracy is supported by the WMD team as well as by the National Endowment for Democracy.

The Network has since grown to over 1,200 members and is a functional network of the World Movement for Democracy, a global network of democracy activists, practitioners, and scholars. Every 2 years, in an effort to nurture cooperation and solidarity within the network, the World Youth Movement for Democracy elects twelve Leadership Board members, who serve as representatives of the network and their region. Via democratic vote within the network itself, two leaders are chosen to represent each of the five regions: Sub-Saharan Africa; Asia; Europe & Eurasia; the Latin America & the Caribbean; and the Middle East & North Africa.

This year we are expanding our team to include an Advisory Board, which will have a facilitating and guiding role within the World Youth Movement for Democracy, helping the Leadership Board and Secretariat with development, activities and content.

WYMD Secretariat 

Ivan Đurić 

World Youth Movement for Democracy Secretariat Coordinator

Ivan is the WYMD Secretariat Coordinator, as well as the Program Director within the Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Belgrade, Serbia, working on both regional and global issues of democratization, transitional justice and human rights monitoring and implementation. His extensive activism experience begins in 2006, and he joined the Initiative in 2013, helping develop the activist network, human rights program and the regional cooperation program.

Nevena Todorović

World Youth Movement for Democracy Secretariat Coordinator Assistant

Nevena is a Coordinator Assistant within the WYMD Secretariat, as well as the Program Assistant in the Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Belgrade, Serbia. Her primary focus is international human rights advocacy and international humanitarian law, with previous experience working with humanitarian relief during the migrant crisis in Belgrade.

Advisory Board

Ateki S. Caxton is the Chairperson of the African Movement for Democracy, a former Hurford Youth Fellow, and the Executive Director of NewSETA (Network for Solidarity, Empowerment and Transformation for All), an organization in the Republic of Cameroon strengthening youth and institutional capacities and actively engaging communities in initiatives that improve social well-being. He is based in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

David Riveros García is the Founder and Executive Director of reAcción Paraguay, a grassroots anticorruption NGO that combines technology and collective action to reach government accountability. He was a founding member of GYAC (the Global Youth Anti-corruption Network), incubated by the World Bank Institute, and served as Network Development Director for IYAN (International Youth Ambassadors Network), a hemispheric network of young leaders in the Americas. David was a consultant at the World Bank working on research on citizen participation and human rights documenting the Paraguay component of the project for the Nordic Trust Fund. He worked for USAID to lead the development of Paraguay’s Healthcare Ministry’s official open data tool. David has researched and published about the challenges of youth political participation in the 21st century. He represents the Latin America region within WYMD.

Gulalai Ismail is Founder and Chairperson of Aware Girls; an organisation working towards gender equality and peace. She has over ten years of experience of working on strengthening democracy and promoting good governance by increasing young women’s participation and leadership in civic, democratic and political processes. Aware Girls work towards gender equality and peace. The organisation has worked on developing young women civic and political leadership skills, increasing women’s access to governance and information and young women led election monitoring and advocacy with policymakers for increasing women’s access to decision making political structures. She is the winner of 2013 International Award for Democracy by NED. She is based in Pakistan.

Ravindra De Silva is the Co-founder and Executive Director of AFRIEL Youth Network, an organization dedicated to capacity building and youth empowerment, raising public awareness on key social issues, as well as advocacy for democracy accountability. Ravindra was previously Regional Coordinator for Transparency International Sri Lanka. He is based in Sri Lanka.

Cheikh Oumar Cyrille Touré (Thiat) is one of the creators of Keur Gui, a Hip-Hop group which dealt with topics of corruption in Kaolack ,poverty and other social issues. Committed to addressing social and political issues in Senegal, he founded Y en a Marre with his friends, a world recognized youth protest movement. Passionate about fighting for justice and democracy in Senegal, while denouncing corruption and misbehavior of those in power, Thiat is now a world renowned democracy activist invited to give conferences, panels and workshops to share his experience around African uprisings, the role of hip-hop in politics, and the challenges faced by global democracy. He is based in Senegal.

Rinsola Abiola is a candidate for the Nigerian Parliament in Ogun state, as well as a former legislative aide. She is an advocate for gender equity and youth inclusion in governance, particularly active in youth and women mobilization and civic education. Her work is aimed at contributing to nation building through active political participation, and by establishing mutual understanding between government and its public via the use of traditional media tools and modern platforms. Rinsola is based in Nigeria.

Leadership Board

Alexander Solovyev is currently a Vice Chairman in Open Russia and in 2017 he became the coordinator of the Public Law project. He has worked in the State Duma, as assistant to Duma deputy Dmitry Gudkov. Alexander has also been the technical author of the bill on the return of direct elections of governors and mayors. He is based in Russia.

Dumiso Gatsha is the Founder of Success Capital Organisation, a grass roots youth led, managed and serving NGO that as advocated at the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights, UN Special Rapporteur regional consultations and other policy making mechanisms. Dumiso, based in Botswana, is a researcher & Chartered Global Management Accountant having worked/served UNDP, GIZ, Zurich, PwC, IYAFP, Green the Gene, AfriNYPE & Pledger Africa.

Esther Tawiah is the Founder and Executive director of Gender Centre for Empowering Development (GenCED), with extensive experience in gender policy and women’s rights as well as governance and democracy. She is based in Ghana. Esther has over 10 years of experience in gender, election, governance and democracy, multilateral policy engagement & analysis, programme management, dialogue and negotiations and democratization processes. She is Board member of African Movement for Democracy and the initiator of the Young Women Political Leadership School which runs in Ghana, Liberia, The Gambia and Nigeria. Esther is based in Ghana.

Maryam Garba Usman Executive Director Center for Advocacy in Gender and Social Inclusion CAGSI, advocating for equity and social inclusion in Nigeria. She initiated the Open Budget system towards promoting transparency and citizens’ participation in local governments through the Open Budget Initiative in Kano state which is now a policy in Kano since 2017 to date. Maryam is State Coordinator for the Not Too Young to Run Campaign Kano State Nigeria, and member of the African Youth Envoy at the African Youth Congress Against Corruption #AYCAC2018 representing Kano Nigeria.

Mir Balach Khan is a human development expert with an interest in global politics and sustainable education. He is employed as a Young Parliamentary Associate at Balochistan Provincial Assembly  supporting Honorable Parliamentarians with legislative and non-legislative business. Mir is also serving voluntarily as Member Board of Directors Balochistan Institute for Development, an organization seeking to improve people’s understanding on democracy, development and rule of law. To achieve 4 th Goal of
Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), Mir has also established an education program aiming at skill and community development.

Pragya Lamsal is a Nepal-based development professional and women’s rights activist, focusing especially on menstrual rights and taboos. She is a long-time advocate of the notion that menstrual taboos in Nepal are not a cultural or religious issue but a human right issue. She has been involved in various advocacy campaigns, especially menstrual hygiene, right to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH), disability rights, gender equality and equity as well as women’s economic empowerment. Pragya is also a writer and blogger. Her articles have been appeared in various renowned media outlets including The Guardian, The Independent, Girls’ Globe, The Kathmandu Post and more.

Rami Soud co-founded Youth 21, an organization dedicated to community development. The organization, of which he is the CEO, focuses on youth empowerment, social change and entrepreneurship. He is currently based in Jordan, where he is working with youth, focusing on democratic, modern values and global citizenship. Rami worked for HIKAYA Center for Civil Society Development in Jordan which focused on youth development and participation. Rami is also a former Hurford Youth Fellow.