Politics, Tolerance and Youth in Indonesia: #RAMAITAPIDAMAI

Fake news, hate speech, and propaganda are enemies of freedom of information and serious challenges to democracy. The development of information technology and rapid innovation in social media makes young people becomes more addicted and heavily dependent on it to access many information, including the formation of their preferences on social and political issues. Facts reported by Setara Institute explained that in 2017 alone, there were 155 cases of assault in 29 provinces related to religious intolerance across the country, and unfortunately most of the assailants were young people who got trapped into radicalism and extremism

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Can political parties move from rhetoric to action in women’s political representation?

From 1992 to date, the two main political parties that have benefited from these democratic gains all have a women’s organizer, who isn’t independent but works under the national organizer to mobilize women.  In almost all their political campaigns they have always made promises of appointing more women into public life, interestingly they mention quotas of 40%, others promise 30% but when they assume office their actions are different.

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Three Fearless Youths: Lessons and inspiration from successful advocacy in Chile, Nigeria and the Western Balkans

How are young people participating in politics today?” “How are they involved in policy making?” “Are governments giving space for youth to have a say? If not, how are they making their voices heard?” These were some of the questions I set out to answer with my fellowship at the National Endowment for Democracy in March 2018. Democracies today are globally perceived as not being entirely representative of citizens, where the longing for more open governments and participatory politics is gaining supporters every day.

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