Youth & Politics: worlds apart in Africa’s success story

Botswana's eleventh session of parliament has just ended. Political parties are gearing up for national elections. As promises are being made, I am reminded of how history shows that many of these are often unfulfilled. There is a sudden surge of youth-oriented opportunities from the state - reflecting how the majority is often lured into the promise of prosperity over a few months every five years just before elections

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Unheard and ignored: A difficult road to the justice for survivors of sexual violence during a decade-long armed conflict in Nepal 

A decade-long armed conflict ended in 2006, but the justice system has failed to ensure justice for many, including survivors of sexual violence. 

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A hybrid hunt for criminal journalists: Meduza reviews how federal censors monitor and punish Russia’s mass media

Article re-posted under creative licence common, written by Ivan Golunov [...]

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