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The International Coalition for Democratic Renewal (ICDR) is a global initiative that aims to strengthen democracy against the growing of power and influence of authoritarian regimes and democracy misuse. As a reaction to the World Movement for Democracy Responding to the World Movement for Democracy’s Call for Democratic Renewal in 2015, the coalition was created as a statement during the Forum 2000 Conference which took place in October 2017.

The coalition of democratic leaders who put forth the Prague Appeal is a response to the democratic recession and misuse trend that has been endangering civil rights and liberties globally in recent years. Aiming to raise awareness and reverse this anti-democratic wave that has risen globally and brought about illiberalism, undemocratic practices and a lack of trust in democratic institutions , the statement calls upon the global coalition to support the renewal of traditional democratic principles, values and the upholding and protection of fundamental freedoms.

The founding document of ICDR is the Prague Appeal, issued in Prague on May 26, 2017. Read the full text below.