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#SetThemFree is a global campaign launched by the World Youth Movement For Democracy parent branch, World Movement for Democracy. This global initiative is a campaign dedicated to raising awareness about political prisoners around the world – those unjustly imprisoned for their human rights advocacy.

By building international solidarity and standing together for political prisoners, the WYMD stand united with the World Movement for Democracy in their attempts to activate the global public and get them to take action and speak out for the release of those jailed for their activism.The political prisoners spotlighted in this campaign are participants in the World Movement for Democracy.

At the Sixth Assembly of the World Youth Movement for Democracy, members discussed the alarming number of youth political prisoners and the increase in their arrests. Because of this, WYMD is making the protection of youth activists a priority initiative of the network. With many young activists in prison due to their political beliefs and actions such as Adnan Hajizade in Azerbaijan, Sadeq Jawad Ahmed Al-Fardan in Bahrain, Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta in Cuba, and many others in Burma, Egypt, Iran and around the world it is critical to take action now to defend youth activists.

The network is showing solidarity for those facing unjust prison sentences and will mobilize urgent action when youth are arrested. By serving as a central location to collect information and alert others of youth arrests, WYMD will raise awareness on this issue and advocate for the release of prisoners. As a global movement, WYMD will call on international bodies to defend and protect youth activists and encourage all network members to show solidarity for those arrested.

The political prisoners featured in this campaign are members of the World Movement for Democracy network.