The WYMD is a decentralized network for information sharing, collaboration, and solidarity. Therefore, individuals and organizations define their own roles in the network, participating in many different ways on many different levels.

All activities that develop as part of the WYMD occur under four main area:

    • Capacity-building for conflict resolution and the non-violent promotion of democracy
    • Advocacy and promotion of democratic values and human rights
    • Networking to exchange ideas and promote collaboration
    • Developing international solidarity networks, to support young people working in adverse circumstances

The WYMD Secretariat is currently working in collaboration with partners and participants to develop programs in these areas. Since international solidarity is a critical component of our networking efforts, the Youth Movement uses electronic alerts and statements to raise awareness of issues related to our members, and to call others to join in solidarity or to take action.

The simplest thing all participants can do is regularly share information with the network. We rely on contributions from participants to make the WYMD website a great resource for knowing what’s going on with youth democracy activism!


A global campaign launched by the World Movement For Democracy

A  campaign dedicated to raising awareness about political prisoners around the world.

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Democracy Renewal

a call for democratic renewal

Studies on democracy trends are showing continued decline worldwide for over a decade.

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Vote 18

Reduction of the minimum voting age from 20 to 18 in Cameroon

VOTE 18 is a movement to lower the voting age in Cameroon championed by NewSETA

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Breaking Barriers West Africa

Yound Women Leadership School

Breaking Barriers West Africa is part of a series of workshops and schools focused on women’s political participation run bz the Gender Center for Empowering Development.

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