Esther Tawiah

About Esther Tawiah

Esther Tawiah is the founder and Executive Director of Gender Centre for Empowering Development (GenCED) in Ghana. Her interest as a gender expert spans from democracy, governance, elections and Peace and Security. This has made her worked on widening the civic space, participation and representation of women in Ghana and West Africa. With of the focus improving the lives of women and their involvement in decision making space.

Can political parties move from rhetoric to action in women’s political representation?

From 1992 to date, the two main political parties that have benefited from these democratic gains all have a women’s organizer, who isn’t independent but works under the national organizer to mobilize women.  In almost all their political campaigns they have always made promises of appointing more women into public life, interestingly they mention quotas of 40%, others promise 30% but when they assume office their actions are different.

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