Dumiso Gatsha

About Dumiso Gatsha

Dumiso Gatsha is the Founder of Success Capital Organisation, a grass roots youth led, managed and serving NGO that as advocated at the African Commission on Human and People’s Rights, UN Special Rapporteur regional consultations and other policy making mechanisms. Dumiso, based in Botswana, is a researcher & Chartered Global Management Accountant having worked/served UNDP, GIZ, Zurich, PwC, IYAFP, Green the Gene, AfriNYPE & Pledger Africa.

Africa Day: Layers of Discourse

Africa Day is an opportunity for all Africans in their diversity, state or creed to reflect and affirm our existence within the larger context of a world flagrant with pandemics. COVID-19 is just one pandemic we have to face, whilst violence, illicit financial flows, income inequality, discriminatory laws and non-recognition of care work, migrants and displaces Africans are raging on

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Youth & Politics: worlds apart in Africa’s success story

Botswana's eleventh session of parliament has just ended. Political parties are gearing up for national elections. As promises are being made, I am reminded of how history shows that many of these are often unfulfilled. There is a sudden surge of youth-oriented opportunities from the state - reflecting how the majority is often lured into the promise of prosperity over a few months every five years just before elections

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