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About David Chidende

David Chidende is a former student leader and an avid youth activist. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honors Degree) in English and Communication and Certificate in Participatory Planning in Sustainable Development and has been involved for the past ten years (10) with several organizations and movements’ agitation for democracy, good governance and the promotion of human rights in Zimbabwe. He has been the Taskforce Member for the National Constitutional Assembly (a social movement agitation for a democratic and people-driven constitution) and Chairperson of the Elections Portfolio in the Committee of the Zimbabwe People’s Charter (a non-partisan political, economic, social and democratic accountability movement founded in 2011 in pursuit of the realization of the societal objectives enunciated by the Zimbabwe People’s Charter adopted at the Peoples Convention on 9 February 2008 in Harare,). David Chidende is also a former World Youth Movement for Democracy Leadership Board Member for Sub-Saharan Africa and is currently working with Organizing for Zimbabwe Trust (a civic organization working as a capacity development forum for community organizations and activists) as the Acting-Director.

It is time for young people to redefine and claim leadership

The participation of young Africans, especially in the southern region, in the socioeconomic and political development of their countries and the continent, is overshadowed and discarded at large by the prolonged stay in power of liberation movements that have long diverted from the ideals, values and principles of the liberation struggle, to pursue self- aggrandized interest at the expense of the starving masses.

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