WYMD statement regarding forced mobilization of Ulvi Hasanli

/WYMD statement regarding forced mobilization of Ulvi Hasanli

WYMD statement regarding forced mobilization of Ulvi Hasanli

The World Youth Movement for Democracy (WYMD) condemns the actions of Azerbaijani authorities of kidnapping and forcibly mobilizing Ulvi Hasanli, civil rights defender and member of the Nida Civic Movement.


Hasanli underwent a medical examination in September, 2016. The result of the test showed that he has rheumatism and heart problems. Therefore, he was given a reprieve until 2019 by the Military Commission of the city of Ganja. Nevertheless, Ulvi had received a letter from Military Commission and took one more check up. Ultrasound testing revealed kidney stones and inflammation. He was assigned an additional check. In the last check up on October 25 the final documents did not mention the above-mentioned health problems. Instead, it was indicated that Ulvi Hasanli was completely healthy.


He was taken to the Commissariat by the Military Police at the Cardiology Hospital where he was sent by the Military Commissariat for examination on October 26. From there he was forcibly sent to the front military unit.

As this is not the first case of repression of Nida members, it is obvious that this action of Azerbaijani authorities is politically motivated in order to violently disable Hasanli’s work, and discourage other human rights defenders in their continues struggle for democratic society.


WYMD, as a network that supports development of sustainable democracy movements globally, supports Nida Civic Movement in their demand for release of Hasanli from military service and proper and transparent medical check and treatment. We also urge other human rights defenders, as well as international organizations to express solidarity and join the voices of freedom towards all repressive regimes.


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