Resign, Rewrite, Reform – Stand with the youth of Thailand!

/Resign, Rewrite, Reform – Stand with the youth of Thailand!

Resign, Rewrite, Reform – Stand with the youth of Thailand!

As a network of youth activists who believe in the power of young people’s voices, leadership and participation, we wholeheartedly stand with the students in Thailand who are using their voices to speak out against a regime that does not serve their best interests, that curtails their freedoms, obstructs access to justice and refuses to take into account the will of its people.
The young people have spoken and have called out against what they find is an illegitimate return to power of the current Prime Minister, Prayuth Chan-ocha. The elections held last year were veiled by law changes that favour the current ruling party, followed by troublesome laws. Free and fair elections, and a constitution (which the protesters in Thailand have deemed undemocratic) that respects all its citizens equally and does not infringe on their basic human and civic rights are the basic tenements of a society rooted in social justice and democratic processes. Additionally, laws that forbid any criticism of the monarchy were enacted, not to mention several other laws which curtail the freedom of speech in Thailand.
We stand with the protesters in Thailand, as their demands remain consistent:
  • PM Prayuth and his illegitimate parliament need to step out/resign
  • Rewrite the constitution
  • Reform the monarchy
  • Release all students, youth and dissidents
  • Withdraw emergency decree and no violence on the protestors
  • Allow free, fair and meaningful public participations and political assembly






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