Put an End to Tyranny and Gross Human Rights Violations in Sudan

/Put an End to Tyranny and Gross Human Rights Violations in Sudan

Put an End to Tyranny and Gross Human Rights Violations in Sudan


We are deeply concerned about the situation in Sudan; what was supposed to be a watershed moment in the journey to liberty has become a living nightmare with the violent repression of a popular uprising seeking democratic rule.

The people of Sudan came together and spoke with one voice. Their heroism and commitment saw to the end of Al-Bashir’s protracted rule; however, anti-democratic elements have now begun a violent crackdown on protesters and further blocked internet access, thereby cutting our comrades in Sudan off from the rest of the world.

The youths and women of Sudan who demanded freedom are now being murdered, raped and detained for daring to be patriots and wanting progress for their people. We wish to state, unequivocally, that this is unacceptable and that justice must be done.

The people of Sudan are within their rights to demand civilian rule and the world must come to their aid in ensuring that this goal is actualized. We must also see to it that those violating their human rights are brought to justice.

We join youth activists all over the world to demand an official, independent investigation into egregious human rights abuses such as the murder and rape of over 120 protesters and more than 70 women, and the unconditional release of those wrongfully detained. We also call for the restoration of internet access so that progress may be closely monitored, and for the free flow of information. This is as we seek more decisive action from international organisations such as the African Union and the United Nations, and the International Criminal Court.

The people of Sudan called for democratic rule and nothing short of that will do. The world cannot afford to look on as Sudan slips into anarchy.

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