What is the World Youth Movement for Democracy?

The World Youth Movement for Democracy (WYMD) is a growing international network of youth-led and youth-oriented civil society organizations, who are united in transnational collaboration efforts and the recognition of young people as decision-makers.

Who are the members of the World Youth Movement for Democracy?

The network is structurally made up of a Secretariat, an Advisory Board and a Leadership Board,which provides guidance and content for the network.The Secretariat is currently located in the offices of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, a Balkans-based organization which focuses on post conflict reconciliation,transitional justice and peacebuilding in the Balkans region.The network’s governing members are young people who work in the field of human rights and democracy,who help steer the network towards the true needs of youth democracy and human rights activists and practitioners.


Empowered youth leaders who participate in democratic processes in their communities, and who connect transnationally to build stronger democratic movements on a global scale.


To develop WYMD as a transnational platform for learning and development with processes of mentorship and empowerment of young democracy activists and practitioners.


  1. To give visibility to youth-leaders and their work on democratic advancements
  2. To facilitate capacity-building for youth-led initiatives and organizations within the human rights and democracy field
  3. To enhance youth political participation and knowledge of political processes
  4. To deepen connections among youth leaders on a global scale and encourage transnational collaboration

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