The World Youth Movement for Democracy is operated by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, where the network Secretariat is located.

About WYMD

The World Youth Movement for Democracy (WYMD) is a growing international network of youth-led and youth oriented civil society organizations,who are united in transnational collaboration efforts and the recognition of young people as decision-makers.


The WYMD provides a space and a platform for youth activists and civil society leaders to build relationships with each other on a transnational level, to deepen their knowledge on key democracy-related issues, to share ideas an strengthen capacities, and to jointly promote democratic value.

Our vision

Empowered youth leaders who participate in democratic processes in their communities, and who connect transnationally to build stronger democratic movements on a global scale.

Our vision

The mission of the World Youth Movement for Democracy is to serve as a platform for young activists to empower each other, share experiences, build solidarity among members, and to develop sustainable democracy and human rights movements by empowering a younger generation in democracy promotion activities.

Who are WYMD members?

The World Youth Movement for Democracy members are youth-led and youth-serving civil society organizations, initiatives and grassroots movements from across the globe. Through inter-regional connections, we share information and updates about human rights and democracy issues from around the world through discussions, multimedia global issue analyses and capacity-building events.


Every year on World Youth Day for Democracy, October 18, we encourage youth from our network and beyond it to participate, engage and amplify the voices of youth representing their communities. You can do so too – join us!

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